Cagendas - Originally Published Article

Cagendas - Originally Published Article

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Nov 23, 2022 2:12 AM
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What is Cagendas?

Cagendas is an exciting new game where communities can have fun while allocating time more effectively!

The Eden community has been deliberating to find the best ways to set agendas for discussions and proposals during weekly meetings. I propose that we play a game of Cagendas to help the community cooperate during the hour after breakout rooms. Cagendas can provide structure for Eden and other communities to guide discussions, process proposals, and coordinate all sorts of group activities in real-time.

Please note that this idea is a work in progress in an early stage of development and will be updated soon.


How to Play Cagendas

There a multiple different types of Cagendas game. The original version of Cagendas can be simply summarized in the following four steps:

1) Propose agenda items for five minute time slots. Anyone can propose an agenda item for a five minute time slot on Consortium.

  • For example, you could propose that
    • You will give a presentation about ‘x’ for 5 minutes
    • Person A speaks about topic ‘y’ for 5 minutes
    • The group does ‘z’ activity for 5 minutes
    • The Eden+Fractal council votes on ‘x’ proposal
    • Etc…
  • To better organize our thoughts, we can create a new group on Consortium to separate agenda items from other polls and proposals. The new group could be could named Cagendas or some other name.

2) Vote for agenda items. Anyone can vote for agenda items with respect points that they’ve earned during weekly meetings.

  • You have a limited amount of votes in each game, so choose carefully to pick the best topics!

3) At the end of each five minute interval, whichever agenda item receives the most votes will be focus of community discussion for the next five minutes.

  • In order to be counted, the winning agenda item must receive at least 30% more votes than the agenda item that previously had the most votes.
  • Votes for any proposed agenda items that do not receive the most votes will be counted in the next five minute interval.
  • Whichever agenda item receives the most votes is removed from the list of proposed agenda items immediately. Players can propose the same agenda item again if they’d like to discuss it further.

4) The game ends after one hour and the respect points for all players are replenished back to prior voting power at the end of each game.


Who can play Cagendas?

Any community can play Cagendas to allocate shared time according to the will of community members and facilitate great experiences. More than ever before, communities are now empowered to understand the desires of each community member and structure group activities with enjoyment, productivity, and efficiency. More coming soon!


What do I need to play Cagendas?

Anyone can play Cagendas with any scoresheet of any game. You don’t need anything other than your imagination or some agreed upon scorecard to use for votes.

That being said, Cagendas is uniquely enabled by the powers of EOS, Eden+Fractal, ƒractally, Consortium, and Cignals…. so communities like Eden ƒractal are in a perfect position to start playing Cagendas first!



  • Alternatively, we could start with 10 minute time slots. This may be best to test it out at a slower pace first while we test the process.
  • Instead of counting total respect earned, we could only count the total respect earned over the past 5 weeks, 12 weeks, or another time frame.
  • Instead of (only) counting respect points, Eden+Fractal status or some other metic could be used. For example, there could be a different version of Cagendas where all votes are made with the Eden+Fractal council. This could work well with Jorge’s suggestion to provide each delegate with 100 votes.
  • In the future, there could be additional rewards for creating and voting on agenda items.
  • Much of the functionality for Cagendas is already built with Consortium. I will share more technical considerations soon.

Media and Feedback

Eden Fractal Brainstorming Session 1: Cagendas

00:00 - Start

01:16 - Context

02:08 - Panel presentation

04:48 - Cagendas by Dan Singjoy

09:14 - Tadas put some context

11:03 - Jesse feeback

12:06 - Vlad feedback

17:45 - Tadas feedback

18:43 - Dan Digest of the brainstorming

22:07 - MindMap updated

23:42 - Lennie feedback

24:31 - The value added points of Brainstorming Sessions

25:13 - Jesse Feedback on Cagenda Proposal

25:55 - Our experience with Brainstorming Sessions

26:40 - Do the things with flexibility and commitment

28:08 - Closing of the session

31:03 - How to submit your proposals to the MindMap?

32:51 - Good use of the time

34:37 - Time to conclude You can view Cagendas and other proposals on the Mindmap. You can submit your proposal to the MindMap here. You can join Eden Fractal Brainstorming sessions here at 1600 UTC on every other Tuesday. Next stop: November 29th, 2022.

Vlad and Jesse provided the following feedback, which you can read in the notes on the right side of the mindmap below:

Cagendas Game Modes

There are currently two ways to play Cagendas: Original and


Please note that this page is a work in progress in early stages of development and will be updated soon.


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